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Plan, launch, and grow your startup all in one place!

Startup OS is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and grow your startup using Notion.

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Helping over 1000 Startups and growing!

Every template you'll ever need

+60 ready-to-use and easy-to-customize templates including:

✅  Company Dashboard

✅  Business Model Canvas

✅  Value Proposition Canvas

✅  Company OKRs

✅  Business Portfolio Map

✅  Team Alignment Map

✅  Pitch Deck Creator

✅  ROI Calculator

✅  Marketing Strategy

✅  Financial Statements

➕  +52 Other Templates

Including  Projects Dashboard  Tasks Dashboard  Company OKRs  Product Launch Plan  PH Launch Checklist  CRM  Investors CRM  Investment Memo  Subscription Tracker  Team Salary and more.

A process-based approach to growing your startup

  • Startup OS is a process. NOT pages & templates!
  • Built based on validated and constantly improving processes to be your recipe for success.

Startup OS will help you...

  • Convert your ideas into startups 10X faster.
  • Save +200 hours searching for documents.
  • Focus on your most profitable activities first.
  • Control your financials and keep your burn rate low.
  • Keep your whole team and investors involved.
  • Grow your startup faster and with no worries.

Spend your time growing your startup not searching for templates!

Startup OS is supercharged with all the templates you need to help you stay organized while building the next big thing.

Startup OS is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs — Chaos is stopping you from growing? Get everyone on the same page using a single tool. Work on tasks collaboratively and get more done as a team.
  • Indie Hackers — Working on a number of different ideas? Switch between different projects easily and manage them all with no switching cost.
  • Students — Feeling lost and looking for a process to follow? Startup OS is built as a process so you can always know what to do next. Plus you get a 50% off* ❤️

Join +1,000 founders who manage their startups like superheroes

I highly recommend Startup OS and can assure it's a very good ROI for any startup.

The product Startup OS itself is a comprehensive tool for all aspects of your startup. It prepares you for your entire startup journey from idea generation to graduating into an established business with templates like Product Hunt launch checklist, OKRs, feature comparison tables, and much more.

Aliasgar Murtaza
CEO & Founder, Cleverflow

"This is the best Notion OS on the market. I mean it. You can take the time to educate yourself and understand how to navigate Notion - combine that with this OS, and you're ready to take on any business endeavors you see fit. Over and over again."

Phillip Lanos
Former Entrepreneur and INC Podcast Host, Phillip Lanos

"Startup OS has massively upgraded how our company uses Notion. I highly recommend also lining up a call with Ali. He's amazing."

Steve Gilles
Founder, Lookahead

"Everything is there, well thought out and organized template. Saves tons of headaches and facilitates communication. Great work, Thank you."

Jerome Vaultier
Founder, eConsultant

I was blown away by the quality and amount of templates/databases I received. It's insane the level of thought and creativity that went into this product. THIS PRODUCT IS GORGEOUS AND FUNCTIONAL!

These templates fit so well for the many purposes I had in mind. The options are really endless on what you can use and customize further.

Thanks for sharing your work, and I'm so glad I found it and so glad it was affordable!

Crystal Cortacans
IT Director, Johnson & Johnson

Everything in one spot! What an organized and useful layout of everything one would need to tackle in a start-up phase.

Our company loves the way everything is formatted and has started to integrate it into our own pages. Ali is very talented and on the ball for responding.

Even when he went to a personal event, he was courteous enough to check in and let us know about something we inquired.

Nichole English
Operations Assistant, Iron Roots

"Ali has been absolutely incredible in helping me set up my company's Startup OS. He has gone over and above in helping me navigate the in's and out's of Notion, from jumping on many calls and responding instantly to many requests. He is extremely patient and friendly and I could not recommend him enough."

Ed Heywood
CEO & Director, xmedical

I did a few weeks of research comparing the various tools that exist, from Trello to Clickup, Asana and Notion, and, as you might guess already, I have chosen Notion.

I then started searching for templates that will help me streamline the operations and your Startup OS stood out from the bunch. I really like how you structured it and the fact that each page had an emoji set up was a nice touch, to try and sort things visually at a glance.

Mircea Burdușa
Web developer, Burdusa

Ali has done a very thorough job here. The template covers a lot of areas and saves a ton of time for startup founders.

So, if you have an idea and are thinking of taking a startup journey, get this template and see how it helps you.”

Ali Bin Shahid
Founder, Paani Sub Kay Liay

Ready to meet your startup's new home?

Get Startup OS today and plan, launch, and manage your startup all in one place.

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Why and how it all started

It all started while I was assembling a team to work on another project for freelancers in the MENA region.

I started asking my team which tool they wish to use to create and manage the project together, and it was like asking your girlfriend what she wants for dinner!

So, I asked a different question, I asked if they use Notion, and they all said YES! I immediately started searching for a system to manage startups built into Notion, but with no luck.

This time, I knew that I have to build this system myself. I was building the OS on Notion as we were working on the project.

After many hours building it, it turns out that it was worth having it on Notion, and it proved to be so much better than any other system we tried before. Why? Probably because we’re building it according to what we want, the way we want it.

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Any questions?

For FAQs, features, and more information, please visit Notion Startup

* If you’re a student or a founder under 21yrs, email me at with your ID or school email to get a 50% discount.

Note: Startup OS is not affiliated with Notion or Notion’s team, nor is it endorsed by Notion.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a 14 days refund period in which no questions will be asked and a 30 day refund period in which detailed feedback will be asked. No refund request will be approved without providing feedback and a reason for the refund during that period.

After Startup OS is approving a refund request, The license shall automatically terminate. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession, whether in electronic or printed format.

Last updated Nov 13, 2023

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Notion Startup OS

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